Sick/ injured hen??

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    Last Sunday, I went out to find one of my RIR hens sitting under the nest box..not moving very much. I put her in a cage, so that I could try to figure out what's wrong with her. I started antibiotics three times a day and was giving her water with an eyedropper because she wasn't eating or drinking. I offered her water and mashed bananas, yogurt etc but she ate nothing on her own... Two days later she wasn't any better but no worse---No one can tell me what's wrong with her. She doesn't have mites, no worms, I can't feel any injury and there was no wounds or blood. Her vent is swelling, blood, she doesn't have a sour smell or any smell at all. She sits with her head pulled to her chest and her comb 'was' a tiny bit swollen but it's fine now...

    Well, it's been a week of forcing water and food down her. Daily, I take her out of her cage and place her on the ground so she can sun/enjoy the fresh air while I clean her cage/water bowl.. She will walk a few steps and sit down... Tonight, I went to pick her up, to give her water and she took off running (like a squat run--but running) into the coop... and for the first time in a week she made a fuss at me for picking her up.

    Now, my question-- Is she getting better? Do I continue to force feed/water her? How long do you continue to work with your chickens before you give up--a week/month?? Is there ANY thing I am missing that I can look for??

    I am at a loss.....feeling tired and sad about this girl...
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    I think she must be getting better, but can't say what's wrong!?

    Poor thing- both of you!

    I would watch her and see if she doesn't do okay back with the flock. She may be better enough that with lessened stress (being back in the coop) she goes back to normal.

    Maybe someone else can chime in?
  3. Dixiedoodle

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    She is still no better, eyes, shut 90% of the time. She isn't eating anything (that I can tell) on her own. She moves very little but some. She can't be alone with the rest of the girls and roo (he thinks she just 'needs lovin' [​IMG]), the girls don't peck her when I am there but I am very afraid they will and she is NOT strong enough to even get out of their way....

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