Sick/Injured Ply Rock PUPILS DILATED

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    Mar 11, 2011
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    I have a Ply Rock pullet that is ten months old. She was ill once before and we nursed her back and she's been fine. I went to check on my girls tonight and found that she was not on the roost. I found her under the coop. She was all puffed up, sitting on the ground and bleeding from her comb. The aplha pullet has gone after sick pullets before so I supect that she was the one responsible for the bloodied comb.

    My biggest concern is that she is sleeping pretty much all the time unless we disturb her and her pupils are fully dilated. I am worried that she could have sustained an injury from being pecked in the head. She has no blood coming from anywhere. Her comb has minor injuries and isn't bleeding anymore. I really hope to find her alive in the morning. If we do I will be much more optimistic of her chances.

    Has anyone seen symptoms like this?

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