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    May 10, 2014
    I have 6 Rhode Islands, about 7 mo. I noticed a few days ago one of them was getting picked on. I picked her up and she weighs nothing compared to the others. She keeps shaking her head too. I checked her for mites and saw none. Her comb is still a good color. I noticed the last 2 days she will not go to the feeder and eat. She will peck at the ground a bit. She stays fluffed up as well. She will stay in the coop after the others have come out. No other visible signs of illness or injury. I gave her a rub down and can't feel anything. Do I isolate her? Treat with antibiotics? Help! Fairly new to this...
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    Isolating her is the first course of action. Keep her warm, hydrated and well fed (with a complete well balanced ration - not treats)
    You don't treat with antibiotics unless you know they have a bacterial infection that is treatable with antibiotics.

    There are many non-infectious things that can cause a sickly bird and of the infectious things, it could be viral, fungal, parasitic and even bacterial things that have no cure.
    There's just not enough information to identify the hundred things it could be. This PDF file can give you some good direction.
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    It could be so many things... Might be best to consult a vet.


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