Sick laying hen?

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    Jul 21, 2012
    I currently have 3 laying hens who have just begun to produce again. 1 of them was really shaking a lot and she seems more uneasy then the rest of them and more than she normally. Today was her 1st day laying after a long time of stopping. She laid an egg and then went inside their chicken house and laid what seemed like egg yolk without the egg shell. There wasn't much on the shavings but yellow running down her leg. Can anybody please help me with her?

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    I noticed your post is 2 days old and hasn't gotten any replies, for future reference- you'd get more responses if you posted these types of issues in the Emergency section. Is your hen alright?

    I would guess she may either be an internal layer or is egg bound (though this could be a one off kind of thing). I don't think there's much to be done for an internal layer, someone correct me if I'm wrong? For an egg bound hen, I bring them inside and soak them in some nice warm water. Just doing that usually helps them to pass the obstruction. If it doesn't help, you can massage her abdomen (gently) -OR- go in with a finger and see what you can feel. If she, say, got into a fight with another hen or was grabbed up by a predator she may have a broken egg in there. If you go in and feel pieces, VERY GENTLY try to get as much out as possible so she doesn't developed an infection.
    Good luck, I do hope your girl is okay!
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