Sick Light Brahma


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May 16, 2020
This is one of light Brahmas
She isn’t feeling well. Last night I came she had been just hunched down, not drinking not eating. I checked her vent for egg binding, I’m pretty sure she’s not.
We gave her a bath in lukewarm water
She ate a few grapes, but today still is just sitting here. Not pecking anything no water. I don’t have a vet so I need advice on what this could be and where to go from here. She is a little over a year old


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I'm sorry she's not feeling well.

Is she pooping? What's that like?
How does her crop feel?

Her stance makes me think she's having difficulties laying an egg. I would make sure she's drinking and give her extra calcium.
You posted around midnight, hopefully she's expelled a an egg by now.

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