Sick Light Sussex


10 Years
Mar 29, 2009
Russell County
So... here I am... babysitting a VERY sick Light Sussex pullet...
I found out after putting her out, she had not been eating (couldn't figure out the food trough???? apparently once its on the ground, it does NOT exist!!!). Everyone else is fine!

She's skinny as sin and pecks at food from time to time.
She squawks when she poops air (she can't poop, cause no food).

So here I am feeding her a mix of softened mash.
I mean I'm forcefeeding her... about a table spoon of food every hour or so, so not to scare or stress her too much.

Anyone think she'll make it?!

Should I keep her or cull her?

She'll peck at food, loves her watermelon but is just fragile.
She was getting better, but one day without forced feeding and she can't walk.

Now she's walking pecking a bit and drinking water.
Looks better when I force feed her, but she's a 4 month old chick, COME ON!

Any ideas how to save her?

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