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Oct 21, 2018
Kind of a long story..will try and keep it short as i can..I have lost one amazing 2 yr old blue orpington rooster..and almost another 6 month old americana roo..and now my 6 month old copper maran hen has same symptoms..all were removed at first chicken vet where we first roo never really recovered and passed roughly 3 weeks after being sick..he had coarse of antibiotic plus viatim booster and everyone was wormed..after about a week after finding the first guy..second went down..he got put on same antibiotic..recovered..but took over a month..then about another week after i noticed my little Eugenea..acting strange so she was taken out and given same anti this point I decided to give everyone an anti biotic treatment..the symptoms start out as them going down fast and losing tons of weight..they do however keep eating and drinking..i give them egg yolk and a little yogurt throughout..little Eugenea is at about the 3 week mark..and she gets better than worse..better...than worse..always managing to stand and move around and eat and drink..last night i didnt think she was gonna make she was laying down..couldnt get up..but this morning she was up and about..again super weak..same happened with the fella who made it...she still has crazy diarhea.pic from this watery it shot out of her little pen..and has full seeds..also Roo who died had lime green yesterday i found more lime green colouring in shaving in coop..have one hen molting..but everyone else seems good....Even Dave my survivor guy..seems back to normal..poo is worried and have no idea..Tia


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Sounds like you could be dealing with Marek's. :(

I'm sorry you are facing this... your antibiotics could be causing the diarrhea AND won't treat sooo many things including NOTHING viral... please are you using them for a symptom not mentioned?

Worming an ill bird MAY push them over the edge. Did you have a fecal float to confirm the need to worm and WHICH medication was needed since they won't all treat all parasites?

Most accurate info I have seen...

Hope she feels better. :fl

ETA: you say the watery diarrhea was full of seeds... please disclose what you feed on a regular basis including treats and supplements.


Oct 21, 2018
we have no local vet for fecal float..she gets layer, scratch (small handful) just as little extra, oyster shell, and grit..this is what everyone gets.. free range chickens..they a little ACV in there for treats..they get a small amount of table scraps occasionally..but am picky about what they get..and I haven't really given the sick ones anything extra, other than the egg yolk and yogurt..only wormed after roos died and second bird got sick..did the back of neck wormer and in the water..recommended by the local 4-H poultry..the diarrhea has been from the very beginning, mostly like runny grainy oatmeal ..and has been off the antibiotics for about a week and just turned to this watery the last couple days..unfortunately I can only use what I have available..I live in northern BC Canada and it's hard to get any kind of proper diagnosis or medication with no local vet :(

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