Sick Mama????

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  1. Chickenskis

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    Apr 3, 2009
    Gloucester, VA
    Hi!I have two possible sickies [​IMG]

    The first is a Mama hen. She had been broody for 2 weeks (we were kicking her out every day to eat and potty), so we got her some eggs. She sat on them, with fresh food and water right in front of her, in solitude, for 16 days before getting up and pooping and peeing EVERYWHERE. She went back and never got up again. We moved her to the bathtub last night for the hatching, and her box was wet with pee (BAD ammonia smell!) We changed it and the bedding out before putting her in the tub. She smells HORRIBLE, though, and is constantly preening her back and underbelly feathers.

    While waiting for babies to hatch, we have noticed that she has moments of pain and clucking (her eyes close, she will strain, it looks like, to use the bathroom, and has gad). She will cluck while doing this. Before anyone hatched, we gave her a scrambled egg, and she ate half of it. We also added vitamins and ACV to her water.

    Is this normal? She smells so bad, I am afraid of the ammonia for the babies. I am also afraid of her pain! I suppose 3 weeks with 2 or 3 potty breaks would make me contipated, too, but I want to know if it is normal.

    The other chicken is Henny Penny. We have her in a rubbermaid box in the garage because she was puffed up and hunched pretty often for 2 - 3 days. She was off by herself often, too, but that is normal for her. She has always had oddities. . .she is always the last one out of the copp in the monring and the last into it at night. Her mornings start very slowly. She is slow to get with the program, so to speak!

    Once we got her inside the garage, she was drinking like CRAZY. She seems very thirsty in general. We add ACV and garlic to her water, along with Poly-visol. We also gave her seeds, which she seemed fien with at first. Now, she doesn't want to eat, though she devoured a scrambled egg today (after the trip outside). Her poops are runny.

    She seemed depressed and ready to leave this morning, so hubby let her out. He said she acted drunk and like she couldn't stand. He tried to grab her, but she ran just fine! So he chased her, caught her, and brought her back.

    Just as a side note, 4 months ago, Henny had a pecked eye. We had never, and have never since, had any pecking or fighting in the coop. But, one mornign, she took way long to come out, and her eye was bloody. Her head looked a little swollen on that side. After washing it with peroxide and water, it looked like it was missing and had scabbed over. The next day, though, and a few washings later, the scab fell off and her eye was fine! Anyway, we kept her a week and released her She has been fine until now.

    Oh--both hens are 12-14 months old. And we have one baby chick! She pipped out early by almost a day! Everyone else, or at least the eggs we see, have pipped but not cracked a lid yet. Mama is keep baby under her wing, but she peeks out when she can!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  2. Glenda L Heywood

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    Apr 11, 2009
    hen one is just a setting hen and yes she will have to get dusted up after getting the chicks to hatch
    I would start to feed her this
    wet mash probiotic
    3 tbsp of dry crumbles
    1 tbsp of yoguart
    and 5-6 tbsp of milk any kind

    feed this so the gut flora will start to take hold
    in the water put 1 tbsp of ACV to 1/2 gallon of water

    Hen #2

    she needs coccidiosis medication immediately
    I would feed it to all the hens and roosters if you have any

    1 cup of dry crumbles
    2 cupc of water
    in water put 1/2 tsp of amproylium or sulmet
    I prefer amproylium corid to be exact

    this medicated wet mash will get the chicken started faster on the meds

    in the water use 1 tsp of the amproylium to a gallon of water
    also in the water if using SULMET
    put 1/2 box of red jello in the gallon of waster
    you give the medicated water for 5-7 days

    feed the medicated wet mash for two mornings to get the meds in the sick chickens faster
    see that they get up o the medicated wet mash feeder

    keep us posted and let us know how they are doing

    because the sulmet
  3. Chickenskis

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    Apr 3, 2009
    Gloucester, VA
    Glenda, even though her stools have no blood or anything, you think it is cocci? I only have hens, and no one else seems affected in any way. Perhaps I will do a random poop collection and have a float done? I am as all-natural as possible, so I'd rather not treat if it isn't necessary.

    Thank you SO much for your help! I will get Mama on some yogurt immediately. How to let her dust bathe in the bathtub? [​IMG] Sorry, this is our first time! We have her set up on one end in a nest, food for her in the middle, and food and water for babies next to it.

    Southern States is closed today. I guess I'll be there at 8 am!
  4. Chickenskis

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    Apr 3, 2009
    Gloucester, VA
    Is it really normal for Mama to have so much gas pain? She has not really started eating yet, but then the babies have not either.
  5. sammi

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    Dec 21, 2007
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    hen #1,,mamahen..what all were you feeding her while she was setting?
    describe her droppings..color and consistency..
    (she might need the cocci med also.)

    check the vent and see if she is pasted or plugged up.

    if possible, you can bathe her with weak solution of cat shampoo or diluted plain unscented baby shampoo.
    dry completely.
    maybe the warm bath will help her also.

    has she been wormed?

    give her some probiotic (plain active culture yogurt or buttermilk)
    as Miss Glenda suggested.

    Hen#2...just to be on the safe side..check the crop.
    at roost time it should feel full
    recheck in the morning before she should be empty or fee flat..
    feel for any lumps or grainy feeling..
    check for sour odor.

    if the crop is ok..then she either needs wormed..or has cocci.. a fecal float will show which.
  6. Chickenskis

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    Apr 3, 2009
    Gloucester, VA
    Mama's vent area is red, and her underside is wet--this is from setting, as far as I can tell.

    I crushed my own probiotic pill into some plain yogurt for her today, and dipped her beak in it several times, 3 times today.

    She clucks in pain and pushes and passes gas 3-4 times a day.

    She had regular food and water next to her at all times while setting. She ate half a scrambled egg right before the babies hatched, and then she ate the remainder of the yolk sacs out of each of the eggs after the babies hatched. She is drinking fine. The babies started moving around and eating a little today. She did peck at the babies food today, so I was happy to see that! Not a lot, but some is good, too.

    Her dropping are small, so not formed--not enough there to be formed! I know there was a lot of clear liquid in the original setting box. Now, they seem normal color--greenish brown with white.

    I thought to bathe her, but she is raising the babies--no light or anything. So I didn't know what to do with them while she was soaking and drying!

    None of my girls have ever been wormed. From chick to laying age, I put ACV and garlic in the water every day, and cayenne in the food. DE goes into EVERYONE's feed mix ( as well as in the coop and nesting boxes). With this regimen, I have never had an issue. Mama was super healthy before setting, so i guess I am just trying to confirm that this is normal after not eating

    PAUSE! We did a warm soak. My hubby donned gloves and pulled a HUGE rock-like poop that was impacted inside her vent. We washed her. She is back with babies, but tired. We gave her 3 drops of poly-vi-sol. Now what? Her crop feels doughy---but my guess is that all it has in it is yogurt and probiotics, if even that. PLEASE HELP!
  7. Judy

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    Feb 5, 2009
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    Quote:Getting that rock-like poop out of there may have been the help she needed...
  8. chickenbottom

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    Dec 30, 2008
    hollister, florida
    ya i agree she may of been constipated and it could very well be the cause of everything
  9. aberfitch

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    Mar 24, 2008
    Texas Fort Worth
    new bedding scrape out the old. put new in and replace eggs.. NEVER have a damp nest. always dry and fee of poop. If she soild it you gotta clean it out. or bacteria will form on the eggs and kill them.
  10. aberfitch

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    Mar 24, 2008
    Texas Fort Worth
    yea that pop is toxic. glad you got it out. just like a chick gets pasty butt. and dies because it cant get toxins out. same thing was happening to her

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