sick muscovy duck

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by homsteders, Jun 22, 2013.

  1. homsteders

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    Jun 22, 2013
    Our muscovy is about 3 months old, and in the past couple days his fathers are all scruffy and he's not moving a whole tun and when we go to pick him up he doesn't move (like usual) he just sits there. were getting pretty worried any ideas of what we can do to help him we brought him inside last night afraid he would get cold with his fathers in that condition, we also have a female that's the same age and three khakis that are about the same age and two runners that are 4 month old and there all doing fine.
  2. Miss Lydia

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    Oct 3, 2009
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    [​IMG] more info is needed, do they free range what do they eat? could the duck have eaten something dead or rotting? You did the right thing by bringing it inside, how about eating drinking and pooping normal?
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  3. wafflechicken

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    Sep 25, 2012
    What Miss Lydia said and: what does the poop look like.

    Indelicate, sure. But really informative and much easier to isolate and describe now that you have it inside by itself.

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