Sick New mother Silkie almost dead falling over and so skinny

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    She is not doing that well today. I [​IMG]food and water, but she took little. She is outside in a protected garden with food in front of her. The other Silkie and babies came and looked, but I think they were interested in the food more. Do anyone know which vet here has medicine for Cowasocki disease? anda link to info about it?

    My little chick is still alive. She really perked up when I pushed that concentrated sick puppy food down her throat and then when Gato held her and gave her water from her hand the chicken perked up even more. She picked at some scrambled egg again this morning, but I think another little bit of the food in a tube concentrate would do good too. I hope saving her is the right thing to do. I am sure in the wild she would be gone already. Kimberly Lyda says it looks like Cowakasockie disease and some mite infestation. She was a new mother and they usually do not eat very much t hose three weeks and her nest was under the table where it was damper than the high nest boxes. She seems to like the attention.
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    ps...vets here do not do chickens! Cheech! They should be called "dog and cat attendants for rich expats"! not veterinarians...
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    I'm sorry you are having trouble.

    The newest video doesn't show up, but your first one in the original post - her actions remind me of Marek's disease.

    Continue to give her supportive care, adding some poultry vitamins that have B vitamins. If you can't find those, then you can use a human B-Complex vitamin (no iron), crush it and add it to her food. Make a wet mash out of her normal poultry food and give her some extra protein like hard boiled egg or tuna.

    Here's some information on Marek's:
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