Sick/Now dead chicken in SE BC Canada

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    Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me with this. I have a young laying flock of 52 birds with 10 types of chickens, all hatched this spring. Yesterday, one of my Silver laced Wyandottes was crowing when I went to the pen. I thought it was a late blooming rooster at first. She crowed so much she lost her voice. Hmm, making up for lost time I thought. This morning it came out of the roost with a purplish comb and wattles and was having a lot of trouble breathing. I immediately separated her, by removing her to the house and crating her in the bathroom. (Easiest space to see her and keep her away from the dogs). She seemed to have a lot of trouble breathing, particularly when she lay down. After a family member showered she seemed to be breathing easier and her comb was pinker. I went into town for a couple hours and when I returned the bird was dead and stiff. So, the info I read this morning said wait a few days to see if it was a virus, then get antibiotics if she hadn't improved. I didn't even get 2 days with her before she was dead. What could this be and could it spread? If so, can anything be done to stop it? I could use some advice. We live in a very small town in a pretty empty part of the province so an avian vet is out of the question. Thanks so much in advance.
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    I've had the same thing once in my flock. so sorry. in my case it didn't seem to spread, though you might want to clean the coop if you are worried

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