sick older hen, yellow diaarrhea

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    Hi there, i have an older barred rock hen who for the last 3 days or so has been showing signs of sickness. She has been lethargic, nodding off, not going about with the other birds. She has a poopy butt and currently has yellow diarrhea. However I did not get a good look at her poop before today and yesterday put out some molasses water of which she drank a whole lot; sat there drinking for about a half hour. Would that intake of molasses water cause the yellow diarrhea?

    So the background is I have two small flocks of free rangeing chickens and about 4 months ago I had a poopy butt disease sweep first through the one flock, and then the other. Most birds started to have very sticky loose, light brownish poop that stuck to their butts Not sure what it was, but I lost one hen. Two other birds at the first signs, I seperated and started on terramycin antibiotic and molasses and garlic water. They both got better shortly thereafter. Several other birds had the poopy but for a few days and then were fine. I went ahead and dosed all the birds on a round of the antibiotic. Could this have been something that is continuing to be in the birds systems and is now coming back?

    I have the hen, Griselda, seperated and started her today on terramycin. She is eating both some pellet and watermelon, but her attention is not on eating for very long before she 'nods off' for a little while. Her comb is dull and floppy. She seems to be underweight but I'm not feeling any unusual bumps, watery pockets or the like. It has been extremely hot and humid here as well. I have never wormed her. I don't want to worm her if that's not the issue and her system is compromised. Or should I go ahead and try that? any ideas what this is?

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    Yellow diarrhea is either an infection somewhere or worms. Seeing that you have tried the antibiotics, I would go ahead and worm them all. Wormers are a lot easier on the system than antibiotics.

    Use an easy wormer on them, Wazine. It is put in the water for one full day. Then the next day give them fresh clean water. Then about 2 weeks later, follow up with Safeguard. Put a Pea sized amount on a piece of bread and give each on of them one piece.

    Being that they have all had cases of Poopy butt, I am thinking worms. So go ahead and worm. Also, it wouldn't hurt to get some probiotics in them after all the antibiotics. You can get a really good product on Amazon, called Probios. A powder that you can put in all pets water and it will help beef up the immune systems and replace all the gut flora lost during antibiotic use. Good luck![​IMG]

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