sick, or about to lay?

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    Nov 1, 2015
    I have a pullet named rosemary, she is about 22 weeks old. I went out this morning to check on her and over night she had made herself a nest in the nesting box and over the past week her face has turned red and wattles and comb have gotten much bigger. All stuff that makes sense with soon to lay her first egg. I probably spent a hour with her this morning and everything seemed perfectly normal. I went out to check on her about 5 hours after and she's in her nest and breathing heavy, you can hear it if you listen carefully and you can see her tail bobbing up and down with each breath. Her beak isn't open or anything so she is getting air in just tail bobbing and breathing heavy. Is rosemary sick or is this signs of egg laying approaching ?
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    Sounds like she may be trying to lay her first egg. I've actually heard mine straining while laying their eggs. I would give her some privacy and then see what happens.
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    Dec 25, 2015
    Ocean Park WA.
    My year old Amber Link does this almost every time she lays an egg.
    At first when I got her I freaked out a bit. Thought she was over heating etc.
    But now she just does her thing and moves on like nothing happened.

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