Sick or broody?

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    May 31, 2016
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    I'm a new owner of two adorable cochin bantams. About a week ago, one of my hens was acting as of egg bound. I followed all the advice on here for 3 days. Took her to the vet on Sat for x-rays to rule out egg or foreign object. All clear. She just sits in nesting box and fluffs herself up. She eats and drinks. Although she does feel a touch lighter. She just seems to be in a daze. She has always been the extrovert of the two, now she is super quiet. They are about 7mo old.
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    Apr 1, 2016
    If she is broody she will cluck and sit with her feathers ruffled when you take her out of the egg box and put her on the ground. Then she will run back to her nest, re adjust the eggs under her and go back to sitting. If she is sick, however, she will not sit with her 'skirt' spread when you take her out but dope back to the egg box or some other place. When she goes out to eat and drink does she look dopey and lethargic? Is she bright and alert?

    Sometimes sick birds cower in an egg box or corner. Check her vent - is there any green or white poop stuck to her bum feathers? Is she skinny? Does she have mites? At seven months she is too old to have coccidiosis so it may be a worm or mite infestation or visceral form of Mareks Disease. Hopefully some further info or pics will help us find out whats wrong with her. Hopefully she is just broody.

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