Sick or depressed turkey?

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by laulena3289, Jun 7, 2016.

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    Hey everyone! I have a problem with my 3 month old bronze turkey. a couple weeks ago, I noticed that she wasn't coming out to eat with the rest of our flock. When I checked on her I noticed she had some bare spots on her back, so I assumed maybe she was just being picked on by some of the other birds. It seemed as if she couldn't stand very well so we decided to isolate her for a couple days to recuperate. Unfortunately there hasn't been any improvement, and we have kept her alone for a couple weeks now. My husband and I have both seen her eat and drink, although she just hunkers down by the water dish mostly. She still wont walk around, although we can get her to stand up but she has her wings hanging limp at her side. Her stool looks mainly like pale yellow water with dark and light brown chunks. this is very confusing...if she were really sick I thought she would have dies by now but she just stays the same day after day. thought about giving her some company but I don't want my other turkey to get sick. Anyone experience something similar?
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    Do you have toms, could they have possibly tried to mate her and hurt her? Have you checked her over for sign of wounds? She does sound unwell. There are many potential diseases that could cause the same symptoms. Without further symptoms to help pin it down you best bet is to try some antibiotics to see if you see any improvement. She could also have cocidiosis so check her poop for signs of blood. You will need to do a bit more investigating.
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    Does the poop look like any of these?


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