sick or egg bound???

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    I am a first time "Urban farmer" and my hubby say i read to many books about raising chickens--but here is my problems. I have 4 hens that are 20 weeks old. I live in the city and they have a " condo" living. The top floor has food, water, roosts, and two nesting boxes. Bottom open air and open to free ranging. The house is 5x5 with ceiling up to 4' for the roosting spot. OK with that said. My hen Samantha has been acting strange this afternoon. This morning her "normal" self--but later in the day i notice she was not moving around much, not sitting, just standing. When i went out to give them their afternoon visit and a little treat she did not come running---totally unlike her. She was just standing!!! So i watched her and notice that her tail feathers we down a bit and not really active. Later in the day i was able to just "pick her up" another strange thing, as she always like to put up a little resistance. I checked to see if an egg was lodge but really couldn't feel anything---but again, this would be my first experience with that!!!. I put her in the top floor of their home and watch. When it was bed time, it took her 3 tries to get up to the roost!! Do you think she ate something that didn't agree with her or is she egg bound???????? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
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    Quote:I dont believe she is egg bound. Someone correct me if im wrong but when they are egg bound they pump there vent and squat alot. Is she eating,drinking or going to the bathroom. When they are sick they tend to puff up to make themselves look bigger. Did you check her over for any injuries?
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    Since she is 5 weeks old, I suspect she is eggbound. Try soaking her in a container with warm water up to he sides. Massage her underside for about 20 minutes while she's in the water. Then put on a plastic glove, put olive oil on a finger and insert it into her vent checking for obstructions. Then remove your finger and lube her vent area with a little olive oil. The warm water will expand her innards, massaging helps move an egg along, finger in vent stretches it, olive oil will help the egg pass easier. Hopefully she'll lay the egg during or after the soaking. If not, repeat soaking/massage only, as needed. Good luck.

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