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    Apr 4, 2016
    Hi all!
    I have a Rhode Island Red who has been acting sick for about 10 days. It started when I went in the coop to find her in a corner pointed at the wall sitting. It was late and the other hens were roosting and I didn't think much of it. Just thought she was choosing to sleep there. The next day she was still in the same position. When I opened the coop to let the others out to play, she stayed in. I picked her up and carried her out, but she refused to stand stayed in one place. I brought her inside, and she did not move for several hours and seemed lethargic. I went to the store and got her antibiotics, electrolytes, vitamins, and probiotics. I fed her the water with a syringe the first day to get more into her because she was drinking very little - very little food too.
    I tried to find answers online, and thought she might be egg bound. It didn't make much sense because although she is less than 2 years old, she hasn't laid any eggs in 6-8 months. I tried anyway, though. I had her sit in warm water, massaged her, lubed her up, and let her sit in a warm, dark room. I did this several times, but to no avail. Since everything I read said the hen would die with 48 hours if she was egg bound, I stopped trying as it was past this point. She spent 2 days in my closet in a box with towels, food, and medicated water until I left for a trip on Monday. I put her in a crate back with the other chickens because she was much more alert and not acting sick, but she was still not walking. A friend came to care for my chickens and check on her every day. When I got back on Friday, I opened the cage and she walked out. She walked about 4 feet, stood for a second, and then plopped down. It has been like that since. If I stand her up, she will stand and walk a few feet, but she always lays back down. I left her crate with food and water in it, but with the door opened. She has been found in there or in the corner where I original found her, but she hasn't traveled far. She acts fine now - eats and drinks plenty and is very alert. She just sits still. Looking at how weird her feet were when she is resting, it might be possible that she is injured? I squeezed each toe gently and all the way up the legs. Nothing seems to visibly bother her. One toenail is discolored, but I honestly don't know if it had always looked like that. When she is walking that little bit, her feet look normal on the ground. She wobbles a little bit, but not much. But resting her feet look...weird.
    Any ideas?[​IMG]


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