Sick peahens, wet pox? Mycoplasma?


7 Years
Apr 23, 2014
Long time ago, i had a peahen that got sick with the same symptoms as this new hen showing in this video, i posted about her maybe three years ago? I will try to find her thread, there was water coming out of her eye continuously(only one eye) just like a bird with sinus infection do, i tried everything to treat her with visited several vets for longer than a year but nothing helps later she got secondary infection i think and died. Now i have two hens with the same symptoms, water coming out of one eye only, tried treating them for more than a year and still nothing help, they got sick after putting them with the chickens in the same cage, some chickens got sick and these quickly got sick too. I'm posting this again in any case someone is able to help me, their noses seems blocked as i have never seen any water comes out of their noses, bought some nose drops from the vet and i was dropping few drops in their noses daily but it still blocked. i read about wet pox and Mycoplasma and thought it could be one of them, leaning towards wet pox cause the pervious that got sick produced healthy and fine chicks and they matured just fine, I read that Mycoplasma will get pass into their chicks that's why i thought it couldn't be the case.

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