Sick Polish Hen! Eggbound?

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    I have an 8 month old polish hen that's sick. She stopped laying about 2 weeks ago but seemed fine up until about 2 days ago. She didn't lay consistently. She'd lay an egg every 2-4 days. She started laying about 2 months ago. Could she be eggbound? Her belly doesn't appear swollen. I can't feel anything on the outside. I've checked her vent and I can't feel anything there (exactly how far do you go in, I didn't want to go to far and hurt her).
    At first we thought that she got too cold. We've had crazy weather with snowstorms and single digits w/-below temps with the wind chill, then go back up to high 40's.

    I'll list all symptoms that I can think of

    1. lethargic- although seems to have more energy today. She will walk around some then lay down

    2. Was walking with her tail down but now is walking with it up. Don't know if this means anything.

    3. Sometimes looks like she's trying to lay an egg or go poop

    4. Was pooping what appeared to be water/white but is appearing more normal now

    5. Her combs are a pale red not bright like they were when she was laying.

    She's been eating very well. Her appetite is great. She has layer pellets and I've been making her egg yolk and yogurt. I've been keeping her in a box when she wants to be in it with a heating pad. I've given her warm baths. I've also been giving her 2 drops of poly vi sol(no iron) a day.

    I've looked up every post I could on hens being eggbound and I'm at a loss. Anyone have any opinions. Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance.

    Also, she's the only hen. I have a rooster and her. We hatched them ourselves and they haven't been exposed to anything that I know of. Our rooster is well.

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