sick poult


7 Years
Dec 17, 2015
I had one sick poult.The symptoms began two days ago. It didn't move much. The legs were slightly bluish.
My vet didn't really know what it could be. We tried antibiotics, but it didn't help. The poult died today.

Anyone an idea?

I'm so sorry :) I hate that stance, When I do my daily a.m. flock check to see how everybody fared the night I'm really looking to make sure everybody's eating and if any birds are standing like this :/ I've seen it twice and both times I lost them. Mine both had wheezy breathing along with the symptoms you mentioned and I lost them real quick after noticing symptoms, within 24 hrs.
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Yes, it's so sad. Especially because he was such an active and lovely bird.

I've posted a photo of him only a few days ago.

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