Sick Pullet - Day 3 of treatment, no improvement

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    May 15, 2016
    I have a pullet that's about 3 or so months old. She is a Houdini and the youngest of the flock. We have a total of 8 hens. I have lost a couple of birds to what the breeder decided was Marek's (which was supposed to have been vaccinated for), and I have had coccidiosis, but have treated successfully. We've also treated 1 hen for a respiratory infection and she laid her first egg yesterday!

    The pullet started acting off 4 days ago, around that time we were on day 5 of a really hard rain. I've kept them as dry as possible. Only 1 hen is sick, the youngest. So, on the second day of her feeling off I decided to bring her in and treat her with corid. I haven't seen any improvement, I'd even say she has gotten worse. I've been feeding her bananas, cottage cheese, berries, a scramble egg, or anything that I can get her to eat so she can stay strong. Shes really fighting but is just so weak, shes having trouble standing. She's still attempting to eat some grain. I'm worried she may have a respiratory infection because I heard her sneezing and gurgling a little yesterday, its not all the time. My question is if I should continue with the corid treatment to the 5 day mark then treat her for the respiratory infection. Maybe she has both infections. I'm really hoping I do not have another chicken with Marek's. Maybe there's something I'm overlooking. Please help. We're first time chicken owners and I'm feeling at a loss as to what to do. This chicken, Alberta Eggstein, has the best personality and we don't want to lose her. Thank you in advance!
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    It sounds like she has a respiratory infection, if you have had cocci and mareks in your flock, you could have mistaken all the symptoms for a respiratory diseases know as Infectious Synovitis, or M. synoviae (unless of course those diseases were diagnosed by a vet). Synovitis is part of the bacteria Mycoplasma family. It is related to the more common disease, Mycoplasma Gallisepticum. Birds with this disease show symptoms such as lameness, loss of wait, swollen hocks, green diarrhea and gasping/watery eyes. Not all symptoms will be present depending on what phase of bacterial growth the Synovitis is at. I think you need to discontinue corvid and put her onto a stronger respiratory antibiotic. After 3 days of corvid with no results, it sounds too risky to keep her on it. You can buy Tylan (Tylosin, probably the most effective drug I could recomend), Baytril 25, Gullymycin is another erythromycin medication that works well. Otherwise you could use soluble tetracyclines such as Oxymav 100 or Oxymav B, Oxymav 100 is stronger. A probiotic is also recomended when you get her medication as antibiotics can kill off natural gut flora, resulting in other fungal and bacterial infections. I recomend putting garlic in her water to boost her immune system.

    Good luck with your pullet [​IMG]

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