Sick Pullet. Worms?

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    Hi all,
    I have a pullet approximately 8 months old. Loosing weight and feathers. First noticed feathers missing around the neck. Blamed it on the rooster and put some blue lotion on it. That seems to have stopped that. But the tail feathers have disappeared. Not bald, just not all there. Kinda like her tail has been cut off. I do not think her crop is stopped. Checked in the morning after not eating at night it does not appear swelled. She is still eating well. As of right now she is still lively. Just took some left over ham a bisquits to pen and she held her on a eating. Thinking maybe worms. Any ideas?

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    Dust with poultry dust for mites/lice even if you can't see them and get some Safeguard for Goats (fenbendaloze wormer) and treat orally at .5cc/kg. Repeat in ten days. Both treatments are safe.
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