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    Can chickens die from sadness?

    I have a Silver Phoenix pullet whose illness has me really baffled. She is simply fading away. Thats the only way I can explain it. There are no signs of respiratory illness, no bubbly eyes, no discharge, poops looked fine prior to not eating, don't see anything in her throat, crop is empty, no signs of injury, breathing sounds fine and I don't see any sign of mites on her.

    I got two Silver Phoenix pullets in my order from MMH last May and a few weeks ago I chose 1 of the two to sell. They both should have been laying, or close....but I don't think either one had laid an egg yet.

    The one I kept used to fly up on my arm and steal treats I was handing out to the other chickens and she had the sweeter personality. Soon after I sold the other Phoenix, I noticed her getting quieter, not fighting for treats, staying on the perches or off by herself. She would eat the treats, but only if I could get some right in front of her, without the other chickens charging towards her. I had never noticed them being overly bonded, they often perched apart at night. She started feeling lighter when I picked her up and like she had no fight in her to get away. She walked ok, but slowly. When I noticed she wasn't perking back up I brought her inside.

    I gave her Tylan50 injections for 3 days with no change at all. Switched to putting Auramycin in her water, along with some Electrolytes and gave her some Polyvisol. Shes in a rabbit hutch inside with a dark side for her to hide in. I've tried offering her yogurt, scrambled eggs and crumbles from my hand, but she won't take any of it.

    She is very skinny now and can barely stand. When I do dip her beak in the water, she will swallow it and take one more sip, but thats all. I leave her in front of the food and water, but she manages to make it back to the darker side by morning.

    I don't feel any eggs inside her, but is it possible something went wrong at the start of egg laying? She is 8 months old now.

    I don't know what else to try. I am just waiting to check on her and have her be gone. I am kind of surprised she is still holding on. Pura is a real sweetie, its sad. A vet visit is totally out of the money to spare.
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    Worms or coccidia are likely suspects. I would treat for the coccidia first because it often brings birds, even older birds down fast.
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    Sulmet works for coccidia, right?

    Guess I didnt think of that due to her age.

    Thanks for the help!

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