Sick pullet

3b's microfarm

8 Years
Feb 2, 2011
We started with 4 Bronze Turkey Pullets, we're now down to 1. The first died, we figured it was some kind of sickness, no prob. The 2nd died and I called the feed store where we bought them, they said no problems have been reported, the 3rd died and now im just waiting on Gertrude (my wife named the last surviving one) to pass. She will eat and drink, but wont stand on her own, she was the biggest and grew faster than the other 3. We took her out to the garden yesterday to see what she would do. Just sat there. She'll change places in her cage but wont move toward food. If I put her in front of food, she'll eat, and drink while sitting. We've tried to support her, but wont or cant stand on her own. She's about 1 month old, bought live. We've raised chickens before with no problem, this may be the last turkey we do. Any advice would be great. Thanks Walt.
She's about 1 month old now. Still alive this am, just back in from making the rounds. Will try the electrolites next thanks
give her one cc of tylan 50 by mouth for any infections she might have, and what was said before, could even be coccidiosis. tylan works wonders.
What temperature are you keeping the turkey at? Is she out of drafts? Could her legs be breaking down from fast growth, rather than a illness? What are you feeding her? Turkeys at 1 month old do not have any immune system. They should not go outside at 1 month old.

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