sick Rhode Island Reds

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    Jan 30, 2009
    We just had to kill one of my Rhode Island Red Hens. She had yellow runny poop and was becoming droopy. I have two other reds that had the same thing. These hens were approximately three years old. My other breeds are not showing any signs of those symptoms. I have four more Rhode Island Red hens left. Should I give my chickens some kind of medication.
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    Apr 15, 2009
    Your post offers next to no useful info. Can you answer the questions posted at the head of this section? I copied the info for you and posted it for ease of use. We want to help you, but we can't because we have no background.

    Give us the following information. The more you tell us, the better we will be able to help you.

    1) What type of bird , age and weight.
    2) What is the behavior, exactly.
    3) How long has the bird been exhibiting symptoms?
    4) Are other birds exhibiting the same symptoms?
    5) Is there any bleeding, injury, broken bones or other sign of trauma.
    6) What happened, if anything that you know of, that may have caused the situation.
    7) What has the bird been eating and drinking, if at all.
    8) How does the poop look? Normal? Bloody? Runny? etc.
    9) What has been the treatment you have administered so far?
    10 ) What is your intent as far as treatment? For example, do you want to treat completely yourself, or do you need help in stabilizing the bird til you can get to a vet?
    11) If you have a picture of the wound or condition, please post it. It may help.
    12) Describe the housing/bedding in use

    We'll help you if we can.

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