Sick Ringneck Dove. Please Help Quickly


Aug 2, 2017
Norwich, Ontario
Hi there. I have a very friendly white dove, have had it for 8 years now. Hes my pet. Now, for a long time already, hes been breathing heavy and with his beak open. Recently its gotten much worse and he is also sneezing all day. Fluffed up feathers and looks sick. Gaurenteed some respiratory diesease but i dont know which and how to treat it. Please help my little friend. No avian vets around here. He was always outside in a large aviary with a partner, but she got killed last night by a mink. And i think his sickness is gotton worse since the weather starterld getting colder and wetter. So hes inside in a cage now, with his fledged chick.
Thanks in advance


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