Sick roo in for the night, is it okay to cover dog kennel with sheet?

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  1. yolkoroo

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    May 4, 2011
    My roo is not well and I am keeping him inside tonight. Is it okay to cover the dog kennel he is in with a bed sheet to keep him from crowing too early in the morning? I am trying to keep a delicate balance of dogs, sleeping child and rooster in on small house. I have had hens in and never would have covers them. I covered three sides and the top and left uncovered side facing wall, away from window-less options available.
  2. stevetone

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    Sure, go ahead and cover him (as long as it's not air tight).

    I am sorry to say, but, depending on your time zone, your household will already have been, or will soon be, awakened by the crow of your roo.

    In my experience, having tried this before, there is no reliable way to keep a roo quiet.

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