Sick Roo


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12 Years
Feb 4, 2007
Lake County Fl.
Our Roo is about 10 months old. He is having breathing problems. We can hear him gurggle and cough. He's very lethargic and not crowing. He's also doing that streching of his neck that I have heard described by other members.
We want to give him some antibiotics that we have mixed in his water but he won't drink right now.
Can we use a syringe or dropper? I think I read on the forum somewhere last year that you have to administer it very carefully or they may drowned. Any insight on this?
Last year I had a similiar sickness. I feed her shredded cheese mixed in milk to bring her appetite back. I used a child's medicine droopper to get her water. I isolated her in a warm dry place. I feed and gave her water every t 2-3 hours. Hope this helps get well soon little rooster.

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