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  1. For a few days I've noticed my Americana rooster acting strange, he'll stay on the perches all day and, sometimes, will walk up and down them, doing nothing :/. He's had a frostbitten comb for a while, but it wasn't too bad till this morning(a cold front came in last night and froze everything) it's now all black. I brought him inside and put neousbouren On it and gave him an apple, which he ate almost all of. He also got scared while I was bringing him in, and his stool was a greenish puddle. When I put him back in his coop, he was pretty active and obviously happy to see his hens again :rolleyes:
    Any advice would be helpful.
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    Does he have any other symptoms that might be clues as to what's going on? How is his breathing? Any sound when he breathes or mucus or sneezing or coughing? Is his crop emptying like it should? How long has it been since he's been wormed? Is he puffed up or lethergic? Since his stool is so loose you might consider giving him a probotic to help with that issue. A great poultry probotic is probios. It will help put benifical bacteria back into his body and help normalize his stools again. How is his appatite? Is he eating? Has he lost weight?I know this is a lot of questions but each answer can be a clue to a particular illness. So if you can answer the questions we might have more information to go on. Right now we need more clues as to the nature of his illness so we can help. So if you can look listen and feel for any more clues as to what might be wrong it would help a lot.I wish you the best. After we get more clues hopefully we can help.
  3. AAAUUGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!! I rewrote this 3 times cuz my iPad keeps crashing!
    Anyways here it is again hopefully it won't crash this time since I reset it,
    I'm not noticing any other symptoms, his breathings fine, no coughing or sneezing. How do I check if his crop is empty? I mix DE in with his food every day, so that works as a dewormer. He's not puffed up but he is lethargic(I mentioned that in my other post but you must've missed it) his apatite is crazy(he ate almost an entire apple, till his hens found it and gobbled it up) he hasn't lost any weight as far as I can tell. He won't drink any water, but that might be because when I tried to give it to him he was too scared( he was also stiff, but he does that when he's scared, and he was defiantly scared). He's crowing now(I can hear him) and it sounds just fine. I hope this information can help you guys figure out what it is.
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    The crop is located on a chickens neck, on top of its chest. At night/later in the day, It should appear as a lump if you feel in that area. If you can't feel it at all, he may not be eating enough (but this isn't always true-- some chickens have so many feathers that its difficult to feel a crop, or just never seem to have a huge crop anyways). In the morning, you shouldn't be able to feel the crop much at all.

    By the way, Diatamaceous Earth is not very effective, if at all, as a dewormer. So, he could still have worms. However, I don't think that this is his main probelm. You would probably notice him getting skinner, or slowly becoming lethargic overtime, not suddenly.

  6. Than his crop is fine also

    My dogs had worms pretty badly and we got rid of them with Diatamaceous Earth, and now they're as healthy as ever ;)
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  8. Well, all I'm saying is that it worked for my dogs, they had worms, we gave them DE, the worms were gone in 10 days, but i didn't make this thread to argue about the effectiveness of DE.

    And I'd like y'all to know that my rooster is doing better, I had to hand feed him for a while but I think what he really needed was fresh air(not the stuffy hen house) once I got him outside for a few days in a row he started getting better, thanks for your help. :)
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    No arguments in this thread, just facts. Present this to your vet and see what he/she has to say about worming your dogs with DE. [​IMG]
    Glad you roo is doing better.
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