Sick rooster not eating and bloated

Mar 6, 2018
Susan, my rooster, fell ill and I am at the vet trying to figure out why she is skinny, yet bloated, and hardly able to walk due to her increased weight from the bloating. Her breath is labored, but she is only about a year old, so heart conegation and retaining fluid seems unlikely. She had issues with losing feathers and having bald areas with skin scrapings not showing parasites. I don't know if the 2 issues are related.


Feb 23, 2018
The losing feathers may be due to molting, or plucking if she is a broody hen. I'm having a similar issue with one of my silkie hens now, she doesn't eat or poop and she is very tired. She's on antibiotics and vitamins, and she may have a blockage inside of her that I'm going to try to remove.

Your chicken may have a similar issue, if they are skinny yet bloated. Check their crop, is it empty or does it have a hard mass inside? If there is a mass they may have an impacted crop. She may also be eggbound, and the bloating is caused from not being able to get rid of waste. Has she been pooping? Has she ever laid an egg before? I should submerge her bottom in warm water and massage her even area, maybe she will be able to get the egg out. I would also put them on antibiotics just in case they are sick and it's not a blockage of sorts.

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