~~~~ Sick Rooster: Possibly very dangerous disease. Need help now.

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  1. Skip

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    I got a rooster today and I just found out that he was sick.


    Raspy breathing through the mouth (as my brother put it, it sounds like someone's trying to suck the last bit of juice out of the bottom of


    Watery nasal discharge


    He's quite quiet.

    Other notes:

    He pooed one time and it was rather greenish and watery. Next time he crapped, it was regular.

    He still has a good appetite.

    He's still quite a hard one to catch!

    I put him in a crate with food and water and put him by a heater in a warm room. I think he might have Infectious Laryngotracheitis, and I'm scared out of my mind because STUPID STUPID SSTTUUPPIIDD me tended to this guy before I did my other chickens.

    [​IMG] I'm so scared for them all!

    Please help me!
  2. nzpouter

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    Jan 19, 2009
    new zealand
    sounds like a cold, antibiotic might clear that up.
  3. Skip

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  4. Andora

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    Aug 26, 2008
    Lexington, Kentucky
    Chickens don't get colds! They can get a sinus infection (which this doesn't sound like to me), but I don't think they just get harmless colds.

    I know I have seen members on here recommend things to put in your healthy birds' water to ward off illness--something like apple cider vinegar, garlic? Someone will hopefully chime in who uses these things specifically.

    If I were you, after having disease and getting rid of my entire beloved flock last summer, I wouldn't keep this rooster. Whatever he has could be contagious even after he gets well, because some illnesses leave recovered birds as life long carriers, meaning even though they act healthy they still shed the disease and can infect your other chickens.
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  5. mtnhomechick

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    Jun 27, 2008
    Mountain Home, AR
    Quote:I agree.
  6. Skip

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    Edit: The nasal discharge seems to smell bad.
  7. pamperedpoultry

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    Quote:CULL< CULL< CULL..... if the nasal discharge smells its coryza its highly contagious and he will remain a carrier and shed it to your other chickens....
  8. Andora

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    Aug 26, 2008
    Lexington, Kentucky
    Coryza was one of the diseases my old flock had. Just FYI, Sulmet will cure them, but they will be carriers for life. I would also cull this rooster. I hope your flock is ok!

    To cull, if you have a vet, they might put him to sleep. My dog and cat vet put one of my birds to sleep for me for free.
  9. Skip

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    I was going to use the old-fashioned method: .22

    How should I dispose of him? Burn? Burial?
  10. pamperedpoultry

    pamperedpoultry CHICKENFIED

    you should be fine with either one... If you burn I'd still burry the ashes

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