Sick Rooster. Respiratory?

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    Hey all,

    My rooster silver-laced Wyandotte, Mickey has been having respiratory problems. He is gurgling with a slight discharge in his nose. He does not appear lethargic. He eats pretty well. He is around 7 or 8 years old. We have been giving him for duramycin-10( tetracycline hydrochloride) almost a week with little results. I have soaked bread with it and also given him some in a syringe orally as well as in his water, although he doesn't drink much. Should I change the treatment? We also have liquid penicillin but have not given him a shot as I am unsure as to how much to give him. Thank you for any advice :)
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    It could be a viral infection, so antibiotics will do little to relieve the symptoms (but they can fend off secondary infections). The only thing i do in such circumstances usually is add vitamin supplements to the whole flocks' drinking water and monitor them - the supplements boost the immune system, which (assuming it is viral) will help him to fight it.

    All the best

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