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  1. joebryant

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    My rooster has something wrong with him. He stayed on the roost this morning until 11 A.M. when I took him off by hand and carried him to a seat in the yard where I held him and talked to him for a while. Anne fixed him a bowl of yogurt, blueberries, and bananas, but he wouldn't eat it. Now he is standing with his eyes closed. Should I rush him to the vet if I can find one open, or is this possibly something that will pass?

    BTW, this is a large, black bbs Orpington and the nicest rooster anyone could hope to have that keeps a constant eye out for the hens. He never eats until they are finished.

    With its being Saturday evening, almost 6 P.M., I'm not sure that I can get a vet to see him until Monday. Any ideas before I try to get an emergency vet service somewhere?
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  2. sequoiacyclist

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    Gosh, that is scary. I am not a roo expert by any stretch, but I sure do hope your little man gets better! [​IMG]
  3. joebryant

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    Anne called the vet in Franklin, Indiana, who sees chickens; however, the telephone answering message said that for large animals call so and so number, for small animals they'd be open Monday. From the way he looks and is acting, we're not sure that he'll make it until Monday.

    ETA Could I give him a baby aspirin?
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    I think I would call the large animal number just in case. The worst they can say is they can't help you. I am sure you have brought him inside. Kept him quiet with food and water. ??? Hope he recovers.
  5. joebryant

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    The vet's office opens at 8 A.M. Monday morning (tomorrow). Hope he's still alive then, but it's not looking good. He's barely able to stand.

    I've tried to entice him with lots of treats, but he'll have none of it. I'm going to be one sick puppy if I lose him.
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  6. speckledhen

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    Joe, that is so vague, I'm not sure what could be wrong. Is his comb purple/dark all over? If so, his heart may be giving out in the heat.
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    I am so sorry your roo is sick. [​IMG]
    I hope he can hang in there till help can be had. Have you been able to see him poop? - wondering if there are any clues there..
    Are his eyes bright or closed/closing like he is really tired? (trying to distinguish between an injury making it hard for him to stand and an illness).
    I totally get the anguish that comes when a truly remarkable selfless roo is ailing [​IMG] and I fervently hope he'll come through this.
  8. joebryant

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    Quote:Thanks, Cynthia, his comb seems to be a normal color. I'm trying not to bother him, but we're going to be at the vet's door when they open at 8 A.M. tomorrow (if he's still alive in the morning). I hadn't thought about heat affecting his heart, but it could be related. He is the largest Orpington rooster that I've ever seen, and the best natured one you could ever imagine. It's supposed to be in the mid 60's tonight, so maybe that will help him some. Whatever, I'm going to try to get the vet to keep him, watch him, medicate him correctly until he's out of danger.
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    Quote:Thanks, jjthink, I never thought that I'd be this upset about a chicken, but I guess it comes with the territory. I've never had a really sick one before except for one that the vet had to put down because she had a cancer on the eye, but that's been a year; actually, I wasn't all that attached to her so that wasn't too hard to deal with.
  10. joebryant

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    The guy was on his last leg this morning when I got into the vet's office eight minutes before they opened. The vet's initial diagnosis is that he has a severe respiratory infection for certain. I left him there for at least today with instructions to give him a complete physical. They are doing stool samples to check for parasites and x-rays this morning. She will call when she knows something. Anne's taking over some feed, yogurt, mealworms, and sunflower nuts in about five minutes for when he's ready to eat. He might be there for a few days, but I'm pretty sure that he's going to be okay. I know that he's in good hands.

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