Sick rooster with clear discharge from mouth

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    Hope someone can help. I have a 4 year old silkie rooster who is acting strange. Not eating, trouble standing, and a clear watery discharge from mouth and watery stool. Any suggestion on what it could be. Have him separated from the girls just in case it's contagious, so far no one else is showing symptoms.

    Staying hopeful!
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    Is the clear watery discharge from his mouth coming from his crop or is it mucus coming from his beak from a respiratory infection? Does he sound like he is gurgling, rattling, or wheezing when he breathes? Watery eyes or nasal drainage? Can he stand or is he too weak to stand, or is he wobbling or paralyzed in one or both legs? What does his crop look and feel like? What color is his diarrhea?
  3. Romochickencrazy

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    I think it was coming from his crop. His crop felt very soft and squishy ( sorry for the poor medical terms). He never had any labored breathing but was wobbly when he walked or stood up. The diarrhea was just water for about 2 days, then it became just loose stool. The second day of keeping him confined he did start to eat scrambled eggs, then I was able to eat regular food after a few days. On day 5 or 6 he started to crow again and yesterday I had put him back in with everyone and he's doing just fine. So I don't know was it just a blockage in the crop??? Just happy he's doing better! Thank you for your response though, sorry it took me so long to get back to you.

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