Sick Rooster

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  1. Wangari

    Wangari New Egg

    Oct 30, 2016

    My Rooster, Started making gurgling sounds 5 days ago. He stopped crowing, eating, scratching, and drinking water and was usually just sitting or lying down a lot, his poop was white and watery- and neon green sometimes . I started giving him antibiotics and water orally and he seemed to be improving- today was his 3rd day of taking antibiotics- he was doing much better: eating, walking around and even mating. Unfortunately i found him in the coup as i was going to close for them to sleep and he was having trouble breathing, he was panting and shivering badly.

    I put him in a cold birth and gave him water with sugar and he seemed better for a little while but the shivering and panting and vomiting started. I went to feed him as i was holding him he got weaker and weaker and sadly died in my arms :(

    Does anybody know what killed him?I would like to avoid this from happening again. Thank-you

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