Apr 14, 2019
United States
So I have a rooster who seems a little... off, today. For one, he didn’t run out when I poured the food into their pen, but he was drinking water. He kept wanting to go back under the coop and stand there, but I thought maybe being free range for a bit would help him. He’s pecked at a few things and eaten whatever it was but he’ll just stand there for a while. Just now, I put him near the coop to see if he might want some of the crumbles but he stood there, pecked at the ground, then sat down. He hasn’t really moved for the past 5- 8 minutes. From what I can tell his crop is full, but whether it’s from water or not I don’t know. I tried tempting him with bits of banana but he didn’t take to it. I do know that he’ll attack frogs, so I wonder if he might’ve ate a bad frog in the night? His feathers are still pretty glossy and from what I can see his tail isn’t down (although his longer feathers seem to be absent), but his comb has a weird purple tint to it. I just really don’t know what’s wrong with him? I should also say that these symptoms kinda appeared out of nowhere
I don’t get too upset if the comb is a little blue on the tips toward the back end of the comb, especially if it pinks up later. Temperature, excitement, or dehydration can cause this. Does his comb normally flop over? That too can be normal, but sometimes might be due to dehydration. I would either give him some Poultry NutriDrench orally or put some electrolytes and vitamins in his water. Will he eat some chopped scrambled egg or tuna? Those are usually scarfed up in my flock. He might be starting to molt, and many chickens act more aloof, not very energetic, or don’t eat normally. What are his poops looking like? Can you look him over on the roost tonight for lice or mites?

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