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Aug 26, 2011
We have a new rooster, he is approximately 6 months old. He has been isolated since we got him a couple of weeks ago. He was fine when we brought him home but we noticed that his ears seemed very "waxy". We cleaned them several times and they are better. Yesterday his eye was yellow crusty. Today his eye is crusty, swollen and he is wheezy. I was thinking respiratory but the ear thing threw me. What to do??? I have isolated him even further from the hen he came with - she seems fine. Advice???


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Nov 1, 2010
It sounds like you have two things going on. His ears could possibily have ear mites. Cleaning them out, and keeping the ear canal open. Or he has a upper respiratory infection. Which includes his ears and his eyes and the wheezing. I would recommend putting Ivermectin pour on and that would take care if he has ear mites. And put him on Sulfadimethoxine (antibiotic) for 5 days. Just cleaning his ear out will not get rid of the ear mites if thats what he has. If he doesn't have ear mites. The antibiotics should clear things up.


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Nov 27, 2008
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Waxy ears in combination with crusty, swollen eye/wheezing is a sure sign of a respiratory disease...not mites in the ears. If you smell a foul odor about the head area, it is coryza. You could use sulmet to treat it. If there isnt a foul odor, it could possibly be MG, in which case you could treat with tylan 50 or denagard. Your other option is to cull. Keep the rooster away from your other birds permanently if you decide to treat, isolation would be best if none of your other birds are infected. The hen that was with the roo, keep her seperated from the others as well and keep an eye on her in case she shows symptoms like the roo. Here's a link to poultry respiratory diseases:

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