Sick rooster


11 Years
Mar 23, 2008
Bailey, Mississippi.
A couple weeks back i had two pairs get really skinny (guessing due to worms.. since i wormed them and one pair started putting weight back on).. but this other pair. never seems to get fatter. the hen is slowly. but the rooster remains so skinny/weak he just lets his wings hang down. combs flopped over. pale face. i just cant figure it out. i've wormed him again just incase he didn't get enough last time. i've fed him all kinds of recipes we used to give chickens to make them fatter. vitamins in his water.. .anything i could think of. i would think.. "Maybe its the feed?. " or "maybe the wormer doesn't work for chickens?", but the wormer is the same stuff i've used for awhile and i KNOW works. my other chickens are healthy.. i feed them the same thing as him. i've moved their pen to see if maybe it was that area. doesn't seem to have changed... anyone got some ideas?


PS... Before anyone asks. yeah.. only symptoms. and his droppings look normal

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