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    Dec 31, 2008
    I am new to the chicken game (about 7 months). During that time I have made plenty of mistakes. The most important one was bringing in some cockerels to my flock. When they came my two Roosters immediately got what appears to be colds. One rooster's cheeks swole up so much his eyes were shut. Both roosters stopped crowing, didn't move around much, and had a smell and discharge around their beak. I got an antibiotic from the vet (Baytril) and it cleaned up the problems immediately. Since then (about 2 weeks) their eyes still get a little bubbly after a cold night. All of my hens seem perfect and unaffected. The forums and books I've read say kill them. Well my son has already named them and I only have 8 total.

    Here's my question: do I need to worry that I have an infested flock now (chronic respiratory disease, coryza, cholera, etc.) that I need to cull (even though hens are fine)? Or can I continue my backyard venture with confidence?

    Any input in appreciated.

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    In the future, remember to quarentine. For at least 30 days, so such things can be caught before being moved in with your flock.

    I am not sure what the roosteres may have, but sounds viral. Perhaps others can help more with the identification of the issue. If they are all living together, likly they all have it, and for some reason the hens are immune or stronger in some other way.

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    they might need another short round of Baytril, or Tylan 50 injectable.

    some vitamins and extra protein could help build them up..
    poultry vitamins, or Poly-vi-sol liquid baby vitamins..Enfamil brand if iron..2-3 drops once a day on beak for a week, then taper off for another week.
    extra protein can be chopped eggs or grower or game feed..or alfalfa
    pellets from feed store.

    here's some info about treating eye and sinus infections:
    from Peter Brown at First State Vet Supply:

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