Sick RR?

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    Feb 10, 2009
    Hello all I'm new to your forums and raising chickens. I have 4 RR just about 10 months old now. We live in MA. Although I open the coop daily yesterday was thier first time out in a while (I believe, they hate the snow) during this time my cockapoo, Snoopy investigated them:) This DID upset one, she began to.... I don't know what to call it?? As I've never heard her make this sound before. Given the situation at that time I would say she began to hyper ventilate/wheez?? I removed her from the situation and put her in the coop. While trying to console her I noticed her comb was white on the tips. Today she is still hoarse when she *talks* this made me wonder if the two symptoms are related. Should I be concerned?

    I would appreciate any help with this.

    Thank you in advance

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