Sick Sebbie.

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    He was walking around like he had bumble foot. We brought him in and kept him in, soaking his foot every day. Once we got the black off, we found there was no boil/pimple/blackhead or what ever causes a bumble foot. It was like once we got the black off, it was just a callus. He was walking ok so we put him back outside with the others and he came up limping on the other foot.

    He has quickly gone down hill. We have bought antibiotics and gave him, my husband read that it could mean he wasn't getting enough vit B so he bought yeast and Niacin capsules. First we were giving him the yeast and Niacin and he seemed a bit better but my husband was afraid he might have an infection so bought the antibiotics. I don't know for sure but I think he stopped the yeast and Niacin when he started the antibiotics.

    The poor goose has stopped trying to stand up. There are no vets in our area or anywhere close that works on birds, let alone waterfowl. What else can we try?
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    I hope some goose person sees this. I would not know what to tell you.

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