sick sebright

Mackie n chicks

6 Years
Sep 22, 2013
Banffshire, Scotland
I have two sebright hens and one cockerel, One of the wee hens (Rowan) lost the colour in her comb and it became very dark, last night she is not moving much and her feathers are sticking up, she is also having dark brown watery poo. We took her to the vet, however as usual they don't have a clue and just blitzed her with antibiotics. Today she is huntched up and sleeping - which as we know for a chicken is never good! We really do not have a clue what's wrong with her, the vet did a check and she's not egg bound (she stopped laying a few weeks ago when her sister started laying!? They are both around 8 months old. Please has anyone any ideas??? She's usually so feisty and to see her seemingly dying is heartbreaking!!!!

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