Sick Serama chicks? -- 3 weeks old with runny noses and sneezing!

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    Hi there, everybody.

    I have been dealing with some rescue birds and things like that, plus it has been easter weekend and I've been out of town, so I've had to have someone watching my chicks for me. When I picked them up from their house at the end of the weekend I noticed that one of my four serama babies was doing tiny sneezes once in a while, but sometimes they do that right after they drink water and they were sort of splashing the water and running around, so I figured that was probably it, because he seemed fine otherwise.

    Now tonight I just went and picked up the four serama chicks to hold (I'm trying to keep them socialized since they're so friendly now), and when I sat down with them I noticed that all of them -- three of them for sure -- were sneezing and had runny noses!!! [​IMG]

    It's so weird, they all seem fine otherwise. Seem to be eating fine, pooping normally, drinking water, and running around with lots of energy. They're under a nice warm heat lamp, and I watch them to make sure they're not getting too cold and huddling together, which they are not, and have pine shavings for them as bedding like I have for all my chicks. They don't have any injuries, haven't had any traumas, and don't have pasty butts. Originally they weren't doing that well when they were hatching because they were too big for their eggs and just got stuck with their beaks out and couldn't move to zip, but that was like three weeks ago and they have been fine for a long time now
    !!! I don't know what's going on, but now I'm all worried!!! [​IMG]

    I hope somebody can help me out, I don't know what to do!! [​IMG]
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    Please, could somebody help me?
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    Thank you SO much, Sorin!! [​IMG] I'll check that out, thank you so much for responding!!![​IMG]

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