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    Wyandotto is about 1 year old. She's been sick for about 2 1/2 months now. She still lays but won't get out of the box, chests has no feathers. I have hand feed and water her. All 3 of my show chickens are on womer and noticed feather lose in mid winter and she had respiratory promblems so I rubbed xvet kinda like Vicks rub on her chest but she still had feathers then and started losing them shortly after. I quit using the medicine about 2 months ago but the feather lose is worse it runs all the way down between her legs. She still won't get out of the nest and feels really hot. Please help.! Thanks [​IMG]
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    What makes you think she is sick? Other than the feather loss. Sounds like she is broody. A broody hen will remove feathers.

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