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  1. The KiwiChook

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    Mar 7, 2014
    Just on 4 weeks ago we bought 5 chickens in two lots at a local poultry auction. Just as backyard pets. All pullets, on frizzle, two Peckin and two Beguim D'uccles.

    When we got home the frizzle (called Possum) just didn't look right and we kept her separate. She was sneezing had clear liquid from nose and lethargic. We checked her over and she was covered in lice and mites, and curly treated that with a treatment bath and Pestrid powder. After a week she wasn't much better so we took her to the vet, she found her full of tapeworm segments (she was astounded) in her poop and some blood. Treated for cocci and tapeworm. Vitamin injection, and suspected maybe sour crop too (as she is one smelly chook). Possibly given the full sweep of illness and prior poor husbandry Mareks too!

    Well two weeks later she is flourishing, still living in a crate on the patio, eating layer pellets and mango as treats ( we live in Australia). How ever she is the most gorgeous docile and affectionate chook.

    This week one of the D'uccles, we kept separate with the 'well' 4 died very suddenly over night. Then one of the Peckin's s got raspy sounding
    , separated her too.

    Now our precious Possum, has new feathers, and very chipper! even thinking of putting her with the others. But we noticed a sore on the top if her wing. I have attached picture.

    Does anyone know what this is? If a hen had Mareks would it get sores. Or could it be we're she has plucked her feathers?

  2. chooks4life

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    Apr 8, 2013
    Doesn't look like anything much to me, more like the average cause-unidentified sort of wound they get in normal life, on a piece of wire or something like that. Having said that I once did get in a chook who was dying before I got him (unbeknownst to me) and he struggled on for another year but did develop quite large pus filled cysts all over him. This however, unless you find more, I'd not worry about.

    Regarding the others, you could try freshly minced or crushed raw garlic for their respiratory infections, but of course be aware it could be something serious and quite possibly a quarantine-worthy contagious disease. Worst outcome is that it requires destruction of the whole flock or that you keep a permanently closed flock as they would all be carriers --- IF you have one of the nastier diseases, that is. I hope not. Best wishes with your flock.

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