Sick Silkie - Help newbie with diagnosis/ treatment

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    So our family has begun a new adventure in Back Yard Chicken raising. Which might I begin with has been very fun and fulfilling thus far. However, we are having our first issue with one of our Silkies. My wife went out to check on the birds about 3 -4 days ago, and the Silkie was laying on the ground, very lethargic. My wife immediately brought her in and started keeping a closer eye on here. She is SUPER lethargic (the bird, not my wife:) She just sits there. Won't eat, move, etc. Her eyes are closed. We have been feeding her with a dropper, vitamins/water, yogurt with limited success. She is not interested at all in food or feeding herself. It's going on about 4 days, and we just aren't sure what to do. Her poop doesn't appear to be super runny or any different color than normal. She doesn't have a runny nose or cough. Her eyes do a look a bit "gunky", but other than that, she just isn't moving. She has been hanging on in this state for approx. 4 days with little change.
    Seeing as this is our first experience with this, we are at a loss with what to do. I have read many many posts on this site regarding sick birds, etc., but not sure if they have clarified or confused things worse. At this point, I wonder if I should be giving her a antibiotic but that brings up the question as to which one to give? I have ready things about Tylan50, Duramycin-10, etc., but given her symptons, not sure which would be better. We also don't want to be prolonger her suffering if that is all we are doing?
    I would be very grateful for any help or suggestions anyone might have regarding our little hippie chick. We all are very attached to these little things already... Oh.. by the way.. she is about 18 weeks old.
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    Gunky eyes... is there any smell? If so it could be Coryza.. if not... it may be a mite/lice problem... have you treated them and their coop with a permethryn based solution?

    I normally would not advise using antibiotics BUT... with the gunky eyes.. it may be a good idea to dose her with a tetracycline based antibiotic... I am sure you will be offered some great advice here on BYC - hopefully somebody can pinpoint the problem for you and your Silkie... I have 12 Silkies here and I do so adore them!

    Good luck!


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