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Jul 1, 2009
My sister left behind some chickens, in them were 5 silkie roosters. The oldest one ( about 3 years old now) was sitting by himself a week ago with one eye closed and yawning. Since then he has isolated himself even more so, but is no longer yawning, both his eyes are just sealed shut. no blood, no wet mucus, just shut.

free range bird on 14 acres; have not a clue what all they eat other than the scratch feed I give em.

I do not know what to do for this guy to help him; any suggestions?
I think he is dying so any input quickly would be greatly appreciated
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Pick him up, look him over closely. If there is no discharge in either eye, no rattley sound in the chest, treat for coccidiosis. Corrid or albon or sulmet. If it is that, he should perk up rapidly. If there are other symptoms that you have not reported here, let us know for updated advice.
No rattle, no discharge, one eye did open up

I did put antibiotics in his water. Thing is once a week I give them that chick starter that has medication for coccidiosis in it as all the other 4 roosters had it has chicks, he never did though,,, did I give it to him in the medicated feed???? of should I give him more of that feed as well as the antibiotics?

Sadly recalling all the chicks lost to coccidiosis, I fear he still will be dead in the morning even though I gave him antibiotics....
I gave him Polyotic. Last night night I was sure he would be dead this morning; instead he is walking around crowing with the other roosters like he wasn't even sick yesterday.

I did research Gape worms beforehand but given fact none of the other chickens were doing that yawning I highly doubted it. I have the antibiotic in their water since Mr. Sicky is out walking around both eyes open this morning and I cant catch him to separate him. (no, I dont know how he got out of his cage...)

I know when his chicks had this one day they seemed better then next morning gone too so I will keep an eye on him. While I do feel for him, 5 crowing roosters at 3 in the morning on is not a fun thing... lol
Oh I'm so glad he is feeling better!!! Good job with him!!!!

In general antibiotics do not have any affect of coccidiosis. Several sulfa antibiotics are ALSO coccidiastats, which is why albon and sulmet will help. Polyotic is Tetracycline Hydrochloride, which has no affect on coccidia. However, it seems that it was likely NOT cocccidiosis, since he is feeling and acting better.

You really do need to quarantine ill birds; and always finish the antibiotic course unless advised otherwise by a vet.

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