Sick Silkie?

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    Mar 8, 2012
    I have 4 silkie hens. Last night they all seemed fine, this morning I went out to feed and one of them was just sitting on the ground. She wouldn't try to run from you, I picked her up no sign of injury. I sit her in front of the food and she wouldnt eat. She did walk a few steps to the water and took a small drink and returned to her sitting position. She has her mouth open as well but only made a slight chrip. She is over a year old and was laying. Is she egg bound or is the most likely a sickness?
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    She does sound uncomfortable. Check her back side and see if her vent is kind of pulsing like she is trying to lay an egg and feel her belly to see if you can feel an egg stuck inside her.

    Here is a link to a symptom chart which might help you assess what is going on with her:

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