sick silkie ?

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    Sep 19, 2013
    my silkie is about 8 weeks old, she ate fine about an hour ago now she is hunched down and looks like she is having trouble breathing. Her crop looks big. Is there anything I can do for her or is the normal? I Haven't see this before. I'm new to silkies.
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    I'm sorry your Silkie is not feeling well. When I am trying to figure out what is bothering one of my chickens, I usually separate the chicken from the others so that I can monitor how much she is eating and drinking and what her poop looks like. If a crop issue is suspected like impacted crop (hard crop) or sour crop (usually big and mushy feeling) then remove food and water over night and check out if the crop has cleared out over night. If it does not empty over night that confirms a crop problem. However, trouble with breathing could mean that your Silkie has a respiratory infection.

    Here is a link to some treatments to provide some ideas:

    If you notice any more symptoms, let us know. Maybe we can help narrow down the diagnosis.
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    She may have an impacted crop from eating grass or some other material. Does she have access to chick grit? Does the crop feel hard (impacted crop) or soft and squishy (sour crop)? Does she have any other symptoms of respiratory disease such as nasal secretions, sneeze, bubbles in the eyes, or facial/eye swelling? You might look in side the beak for anything blocking the airway, and pull it out with tweezers. (You need help with that.) I would isolate in a cage with only water for the first day. If the crop is not working, you don't want her eating more food today. Here is some info on crop problems:

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