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May 30, 2018
Hi, I have a Sick silkie that I am concerned about.
I was away on vacation and once we came home we found one of our 2 month old silkies in her coop looking sick. She was Laying down with her legs sprawled out in the middle of the coop peeping for her mother. I took her out and got a little box for her to stay in for the time being. I gave her medicated chick feed in a little bowl and she had no problem eating by herself. I also put a little bowl of water next to her but she didnt drink so I took a syringe filled with water and dropped the water onto the tip of her beak and she drank it. She seems to have a really hard time walking and she seems to have no control over her neck too. We think she has splayed leg so we put a rubber band around both of her legs but she still falls over. I do my best to keep her head up and her in the right position but she always ends up falling or in the corner with her head under her body. Heres a picture of her now I just repositioned her. Thanks in advance :)
Sick Silkie.jpg
The little silkie chicken is not doing well. She is weaker, not opening her eyes as much and falling backwards. I wish there was something I could do. Should I try tylan or penicillin? I have both.
Sorry to hear your silkie isn’t feeling well. Could the silkie have wry neck? I had a showgirl silkie who we were able to catch with early signs of wry neck. It hit fast, one day he was fine and the next day his head was all tilted and bent. I gave him a vitamin E capaplue(squeezed out a gel cap) and scrambled eggs. I also added some nutri drench.I did that every day and took about a week or two to correct itself.
It sounds like she is very dehydrated and has wry neck. I would wet some feed in a small bowl and offer that to her often. Give her vitamin E 400 IU and a little B complex or chick vitamins for thiamine for treatment of wry neck. A few pieces of scrambled or boiled egg would als give her selenium. If you have Poultry NutriDrench, that has most of the things in it already, and dosage is 1 ml daily. At her age she might be showing early signs of Mareks disease, but wry neck can also occur from a vitamin deficiency, head injury, or genetics. Silkies are very prone to wry neck. Hopefully it is just wry neck or dehydratepion. This article has a ton of info about Mareks disease:

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